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March 13 & 14, 2015

Friday and Saturday Only

Northwest Georgia Trade and Convention Center

Hours: 9-6 Friday, 9-4 Saturday


Exhibits--Handmade Knives--Vintage Knives--Modern Knives at Big Discounts

Exhibitors attending from across the USA--Don't miss this once a year national show.


This is NOT a Gun & Knife Show--Many more knives that that--It is a KNIFE SHOW



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Past Shows:

Some of the exhibitors who attended: Art Knife Invitational Maker John W. Smith, Knifemakers Guild legend and Benchmade Designer Mel Pardue, Aaron Frederick, John Howser, W. R. Case & Sons, Columbia River Knife & Tool, Hallmark Cutlery, Great Eastern Cutlery, Hallmark Cutlery, Ka-Bar Knives, Knife Rights.org, Jim Sargent, Tony Foster, Blue Ridge Knives, Lynn Watkins, Lon Humphrey, Penny Graham, Raymond Smith, David Mullins, Adam Drescher, Wayne Whittaker, Alabama Damascus, Charles Turnage, Mark Strauss, Damon Soileau, Jerry Skelton, Les Robertson, J. L. Peters, Dan and Sandy Piergallini, CAS Hanwei, Johnny Perry, Chuck Marshall, Tommy Lee, Spartan Blades, Gary Kennedy, Michah and Adrian Kamer, Bill Johnson, D. Hoskins, Jeremy Horton, David Hodge, Wayne Hensley, David Hammonds, Ron Goulas, Warren Glover, John B. Fullen, Olamic Cutlery (Eugene Solomonik), Charlie Davidson, Kim Breed, Dave Armour, Delbert Adkins, Chad Nichols, Chuck Bunce, R. W. Wilson, Asheville Steel, and more!


Other shows produced by the Spirit of Steel Team:

August 5, 6, 2011
Knives Illustrated Spirit of Steel Show
Downtown Knoxville Marriott
Knoxville, Tennessee
Room rates $99.00 per night.
Tables $200.00.
Hours: Friday exhibitor set up begins at 8 a.m.
Opens to public at 12 noon Friday.
8 to Exhibitors on Saturday-Ends at 6 p.m.

Some of the exhibitors at our 2010 Knoxville show. Many have already reserved for this year.

Gray Taylor-Art Knife Invitational Maker.
Steve Rapp- Art Knife Invitational Maker
John W. Smith-Art Knife Invitational Maker
Gil Hibben - Current President of the Knifemakers Guild
Wayne Hensley-Current Vice-President of the Knifemakers Guild
Bill Johnson-Knifemakers Guild Board of Director
The Buck Collectors Club
Ernest Emerson
Walter Brend
A. G. Barney Barnes
Former and next ABS President Jim Batson
Gary Blanchard
Tim Britton
Steve Fecas
Jay Hendrickson

Aaron Frederick
Steve Gatlin
Ron Goulas
Jonathan Graham
Rade Hawkins
John Denton
Bill Mace Imel
Tommy Lee
Peter Martin
John Fullen

Tommy McNabb
Sid Moon
Dan Piergallini
Ralph Smith
Mike Sanders
R. W. Wilson
Bill Wiggins
Mike Franklin
Jim McGee
Kim Breed
Johnny Perry

Mark Carter

Columbia River Knife & Tool
Great Eastern Knife Co.
Kershaw Knives
W. R. Case & Sons Cutlery
Hallmark Knives
Culpepper's Mother of Pearl Company
Winchester Knives
CAS Hanwei
Knives Illustrated
Knife World

Jim Sargent
Blue Ridge Knives
Tony Foster
J. Bruce Voyles, Auctioneers
Fightn' Rooster Knives
Rick Ward
Les Robertson
Jerry Skelton
Glen Mikolajczyk
Delbert Atkins
Brad Vice
Dick Brainerd
Chuck Bunce
Robert Burton
Bob Burchester
David Hodge
Jeff Howell
Micah Kramer
Sean Kendrick
Gary Kennedy
Joseph LaSala
Frank Powers
Vincent Robertson
Brent Schindewolf
Mark Strauss
Charles Turnage
Ed Van Hoy
Bill Hall

Doug Casteel

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This Knoxville show is a homecoming for us--we attended some great shows at this hotel back when it was the Hyatt-Regency, and Knoxville was home to several Blade Shows when we were producing that show. The Marriott is next door to the Women's Basketball Hall of Fame, and convenient to the National Knife Museum, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. It is a convenient location with a 1 day drive of over 60% of the nation's population.

Handmade section. Door prizes."


Here are some pictures from the Dalton 2010 Show. Make your reservations now for 2011! (Photos by Heather Bradford)




Combining ALL aspects of the family of knives, ranging from our brother knife enthusiasts of our own interest and specialty to that distant cousin whose knife interests we only get to browse on rare occasions.


Our goal at SOS is not to merely sell tables.  A good show should be an event—and we request your attendance and to help create just such a celebration-- something unique in the world of knives—a show at which everyone is welcome to celebrate the wonder and joy of knives.


To that end we are restricting the number of tables in certain sections to insure we have a fair balance of all knife categories: handmade, stock removal, vintage, military, collections, etc.  Yes, we know this is alien to some show promoters who only want to fill up the room with “their” kind of people and forget about the public—and indirectly forget about promoting the knife experience to newcomers as well. Together we will take the knife show experience to a new level.


For reservations or information call 423-238-6753 Eastern Business hours.





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